xcad hold mid to long term

XCAD (Hold) Jan.28/2024


COIN: XCAD (spot) #xcad



Coin: XCAD Network (XCAD)

Market Cap: $49 Million

Circulating Supply: 47,000,000 XCAD

Max Supply: 198,000,000 XCAD

Exchanges: ByBIt, Kucoin, HTX, Bitget, MEXC,


XCAD is undoubtably one of the strongest and highest potential coins we’ve found this year, expecting it to become a 5-20x win easily within the next few months.(coins which have had a 100% accuracy rate)

Being a revolutionary Fan Token Platform with incomparable reach, and currently backed by Mr. Beast, KSI and Jump Trading, combined with the fact that XCAD has remained one of the best performers during the bear market, we can very much see XCAD becoming one of the most used dApps in the market

ENTRY STRATEGY: As a mid/long term hold, we’re starting to accumulate XCAD at its current levels, expecting the move we’re talking about to start anytime.


XCAD is expected to revolutionize how YouTubers monetize their audiences, becoming the next CHZ (and bigger, since YouTubers do promote their tokens unlike Football clubs). Considering that YouTubers with over 750m subscribers (combined) have signed up to issue fan tokens on the platform, starting this Q1, we see our most conservative mid term target at $5.50.

LONG TERM TARGET: Considering XCAD is still a hidden GEM by pretty much every metric, we could see a $1 Billion market cap in the near future, which would translate to a 20x move from here!

We’ll also update on where to buy after small retractions on our way up. This coin is a mid/long term hold, meaning profits will be taken after several months.