About Us

Always Free VIP Crypto Signals.

No Email Gathering

No Excessive Marketing

No Advertising Clutter

Just Signals, Signals and More Signals…

Why is it Free? What Value Can this website have if it is Free?

That’s a fair question because for the most part we as humans place more ‘value’ on a product or service we have to pay for.

VIP Crypto Signals with Les and Jane is different. This service was created in the real spirit of CryptoCurrency- a spirit of controlling your own wealth and providing financial freedom.

For many years we have worked in the Corporate sector of Cryptocurrency as VIP Asset Managers for a large Exchange.

It was meaningful work, but it denied access to everyone except the very rich or crypto expert traders. There was no invitation for you and I. It was becoming exclusive and we did not like that.

So one day we decided to provide the same service to Everyone, that we were giving rich VIP’s.

There is only one way to deliver that service and that is to make it free.

So that is what we did.

Always Free VIP Crypto Signals.

If you, our viewers and subscribers are not put in a position to benefit, then we don’t promote it.

We are crypto traders too. We still get excited when we open a new trade. The anticipation, the hope, the faith that is needed.

There is no reason to keep these trades a secret, and no reason to charge for them either. Some websites and Telegram Channels charge hundreds of dollars per month for the service we provide Free.

We use a simple, low risk crypto trade system that has worked for us for years. Every Month our Trade Accuracy is between 80% and 90%, month after month after month. We put our money where our mouth is by entering the trades that we provide signals for. It’s that simple.

It is simple but you do have to follow it to the letter to be successful.

Low Risk – Free – Accurate

That’s what VIP Crypto Signals from Les and Jane is all about.

Sleep at night, no worrries, work that we enjoy.

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