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FTM January 31, 2024

Date : January 31, 2024

Time: 12:15 PM (EST)

Coin Name : FTM / USDT – #ftm

Exchanges : Kucoin, Ndax, Bybit, Hotbit, Margex

Trade Type : Long )

Entry Price : 0.365

Suggested Leverage: 5x – 20x

Price Targets:

One: 0.37

Two: 0.38

Three: 0.39

Four: 0.40

Five: 0.42

We will advise if you are to consider holding beyond the above targets.

Take Profit (T/P): Set at 0.395 (movable at your discretion)

Stop Loss (S/L): Set at 0.36

Risk To Reward Ratio (RRR): 1:5 Low Risk

Wallet Percentage (W%) : 2% Max

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We chose the 1 Hour Chart as this is a short term trade. For those who want to Hold FTM the price of 0.36 is good. We expect a steady upward price trend for FTM as it follows BTC rather closely


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